Why Choose Knox Insurance?


Some people think it doesn’t matter whether they buy insurance from one of those cut-rate insurance companies that advertises constantly or from a local insurance agent. Buying insurance is much like buying eggs, milk and bread … or is it?

Insurance is a very important safety net for your family, your home, your car or your business. Selecting and keeping your insurance updated should be taken very seriously.

Why buy from us? How would you like to be treated like a human being, not another number? A personal relationship with us develops where we will get to know your individual insurance needs. All our employees are involved in the greater Capital Region community and have a vested interest in helping local people; families and businesses thrive.

All our Agents and Brokers are licensed and update their insurance knowledge through continuing education courses and seminars. We can periodically review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs. Experienced, educated, professional insurance agents and brokers who live in the Capital Region.

Direct response companies or agents who represent only one insurance company are limited to what their company offers. We offer many plans through many insurance companies giving you the broadest range of coverage at very competitive pricing.


Knox Insurance Agency, Inc. is a Certified Member of SIAA

Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA) is a multi-billion premium dollar national insurance agency alliance that combines the strength of over 3,500 signed independent agents. Membership in SIAA allows us national marketplace access for nearly any type of insurance while remaining a home-town, local insurance agency.

Choice is good!

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